Kinematics of Mechanisms

Kinematics of Mechanisms

This junior level course deals with position, velocity and acceleration analyses of mechanisms (linkages, gears and cams) and robots. Besides, techniques to synthesize mechanisms based on output specifications will be discussed in length (similar to this illustration ). Practical fabrication and computational projects will be an integral part of this course. Additional details can be found in the undergraduate catalog.

Class Structure

The course is conducted in four 50-minute lecture sessions weekly with a 50-minute weekly lab. Two course formats have been attempted.
Format 1: Three projects (60%), three homework (20%) and one exam (20%). Each project spanned two weeks and involved prototyping, Matlab programming and literature review activities as projects.
Format 2: Class Participation activities, Homework, Lab Reports and Project work contribute 55% of the course grade while Exams contribute 45%.
In both formats, students had an option to improve their exam grades through make-up exams, giving an opportunity to learn from their mistakes.

Course Code

ME 3310

Recommended Background

Statics, Vector Algebra, Calculus, Dynamics

Tools Used

PMKS, Matlab, Working Model, SAM, Linkages

Reference Books

Design of Machinery by Robert L. Norton, 2012,5th ed.,McGraw-Hill
Kinematics, Dynamics, and Design of Machinery by Waldren, Kenneth J. and Kinzel, Gary L; 2004, 2nd ed., ISBN: 9780471244172
Mechanism Design: Analysis & Synthesis by Erdman, A.G., Sandor, G.N., and Kota, S.; 2001, 4th ed., Prentice-Hall
21st Century Kinematics by McCarthy, J.M. (available as an e-book) 

Terms Taught

D-2015, D-2016, C-2017

Course Management Systems Used

Blackboard (now discontinued), Piazza, Canvas

Course Updates

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