Introduction to Engineering Design

Introduction to Engineering Design

This course introduces students to a structured product design process that includes identifying customer needs, brainstorming, benchmarking, identifying specifications, designing concepts and so on. Students will work in groups on a course project through which additional topics in creativity, product liability, reverse engineering and patents will also be explored. Additional details can be found in the undergraduate catalog.

Class Structure

The course wAS conducted weekly in four 50-minute lecture sessions and a 100-minute weekly lab session. The course involved solving an industrial problem for M/s. Aspen Aerogels. The course grade was completely based on the project and involved presentations, reporting writing and other class participation activities. The students were also exposed to different engineering systems during lab sessions.

Course Code


Recommended Background

Differentiation, Integration, Vector Algebra, Statics, Stress Analysis

Reference Books

Product design: techniques in reverse engineering and new product development by Kevin N. Otto and Kristin L. Wood
Engineering Design: a project based introduction by Clive Dym et al.
Product Design and Development by Ulrich and Eppinger.

Tools Used

MS Excel, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Matlab

Terms Taught

B-term 2015

Course Management Systems Used

Piazza, Blackboard (now discontinued)

Course Updates

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If you are interested in obtaining the course syllabus, feel free to Contact me.

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